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Due to the customized nature of the coursework, we cannot give a general price quote online. Please fill out the “Center Needs Assessment” Form below.

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    RN for contact hours no scanning experience, OB experience

    RN for contact hours no scanning experience, NON-OB experience

    RN with scanning experience, but lacking scan numbers to complete training

    Medical professional no contact hours


    REFRESHER COURSE: (2-Day) for medical professional who has previously taken a documented limited OB Training

    RN for contact hours required for nurses to continue in Limited OB scope of practice


    ANNUAL SKILLS ASSESSMENT for Nurse Sonographers who have completed New Beginnings Level 1 Course

    RN for contact hours required for RN to continue in Limited Ob/GYN scope of practice


    Training location at how many centers?

    Manufacture & Model of ultrasound equipment:

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    This program is delivered over consecutive days, which could include weekends and/or evenings, to complete the required scans. Please detail your preference of days:

    Thanks for taking time to fill this form out. We endeavor to be flexible in meeting your needs; please contact us if you have any questions.


    Roxanne Ertel


    Mobile: (716) 984-4484