Refreshing Skills and Spirit

Knowledge Boost

This course is a follow-up to Limited OB/GYN ultrasound training with skills assessment done as a requirement to show continuing education in the new scope of practice, usually done annually.

This can be done in conjunction with a new nurse training.

Workbook Review

Course Outline

  • Review Documentation, knobology, normal OB/GYN anatomy
  • Identify troubleshooting on the ultrasound machines
  • Identify abnormal gestational sacs in 1st-trimester
  • Define 2nd-trimester ultrasound findings
  • Identify fetal position’s and fetal landmarks
  • Demonstrate ultrasound knowledge with a written competency
  • Evaluation of training to be completed

This is a 1-2 day course to update skills and refresh your spirit with scanning techniques, review of policies and procedures, and getting all your nurses on the same scanning protocols.  

7 Nursing Contact Hours available for this course.

Steps to obtain a Training:

1) Complete the Center Needs Assessment Form

Found on the  “Contact Us” page.

2) Information will be sent to you

Welcome letter, Course outline, Fact sheet

3) Verbal contact and PRAYER

4) A quote & contract are created and sent